Volunteer Policy

In order to work well with the staff and to present the Armed Forces Veterans in the best possible light, we ask that you adhere to the following policies while you are on duty as a volunteer. Failure to comply may result in termination of the volunteer role.


 Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to work and must enjoy working with all types of people. They must show a genuine concern for the company. A willingness to work hard, and pitch in wherever needed. The ideal volunteer is self-motivated, mature, sensitive, dependable, a team player and reliable.


 Volunteers must complete a basic orientation session as scheduled before reporting to their first assignment. Additional training may also be required.

Volunteers must agree to represent the Armed Forces Veterans, perform in a professional manner whenever doing so, and not to allow personal views and opinions from clouding (overshadowing) or conflicting with the Armed Forces Veterans' purpose.

Time commitment and scheduling:

 We ask each of our volunteers to sign up for as many duties (hours) as commitments permit. A minimum (average) of two hours of service per week is requested, but not required. Volunteer hours are flexible. With exception of holidays, our volunteers are welcome to come in any time from 8 am to 4 pm, seven days a week.

Once you have agreed to be available for a shift, we count on you to be there. In the event you are unable to be at your shift, please call the volunteer coordinator

Signing in:

 You must sign in each time you come to work and sign out each time you finish your shift.


 Please try to avoid bringing valuables with you as Armed Forces Veterans cannot be responsible for any damage or loss. If you need to bring a purse (etc.), discuss safe storage with your supervisor.

Dress protocol:

 You are as much a representative of Armed Forces Veterans as our paid staff. Your appearance and conduct will reflect the Armed Forces Veterans. We require that all volunteers wear long pants and closed-toe shoes with good traction. This is for your protection. Volunteers with inappropriate attire (sandals, tank tops, etc.) will be prohibited from volunteering that shift. Volunteers are also required to wear name tags while on duty at the facility or off-site. For the first ten hours of service, you will be wearing a name tag that reads "volunteer". In the event you cannot find your name tag or if you lose your name tag, please inform the staff so a new one can be made.


 Check with your supervisor prior to volunteering if you need to know whether a meal will be provided.

Recognition will be an ongoing process. As a volunteer, you have the right to be acknowledged and appreciated for your valuable contribution to Armed Forces Veterans.

Child abuse, sexual abuse, physical, mental or sexual harassment:

 Volunteers witnessing child abuse, sexual abuse, physical, mental or sexual harassment must report it immediately to their supervisor or other Armed Forces Veterans . Armed Forces Veterans does not condone any such incidents. If you have questions regarding what constitutes abuse or harassment, please contact your supervisor.

Confidentiality is a right guaranteed to our clients, donors and our volunteers. Clients' and donors' needs, concerns, personal problems and financial status are not to be discussed with anyone other than the appropriate staff member. A criminal background check is required for volunteers in positions dealing with sensitive information. Volunteer applications, evaluation and another volunteer information will also be kept completely confidential.

Non-discrimination policy:

 It is Armed Forces Veterans policy that there will be no discrimination or harassment in its programs, activities or employment. Paid staff and volunteers need to treat people with dignity and respect.


 An Armed Forces Veterans volunteer, acting in an official capacity, shall not take any action that would result in the volunteer's financial benefit. They will not ask for or receive for themselves or for a member of their household, directly or indirectly, any moneys or gifts from clients. An Armed Forces Veterans volunteer cannot give any of his/her personal money to a client under any circumstance.

Customer relations:

 The success of our organization depends upon the quality of the relationship between Armed Forces Veterans, employees, volunteers, customers and general public. Our customer's impression of the Armed Forces Veterans and their interest and willingness to utilize our services is greatly formed by the people who serve them. In a sense, regardless of your position, the more goodwill you promote, the more our customers will respect and appreciate all that is done for Armed Forces

Vehicle Use:

 If your volunteer position requires the use of an Armed Forces Veterans vehicle, you will need to complete a motor vehicle report check, show proof of a valid driver's license, and you may need to complete a health exam for PA Department of Transportation purposes, depending on the vehicle used. If you are using your own vehicle for Armed Forces Veterans purposes, you will also need to show proof of insurance.

Drug and alcohol Use:

Volunteers are subject to immediate dismissal if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while performing their volunteer duties. Volunteers may not bring drugs or alcohol into an Armed Forces Veterans facility or program site under any circumstances. Volunteers are also not permitted to purchase alcohol, drugs or cigarettes for or from any of the clients.

Smoking policy:

 As per State Law, smoking is PROHIBITED inside the building. Please ask your supervisor if there is a designated smoking area.

Prohibited weapons:

 Armed Forces Veterans policy prohibits all persons (including employees, volunteers, customers, invitees, guests or other visitors) from carrying a prohibited weapon of any kind onto Armed Forces Veterans property regardless whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon or not. Prohibited weapons include any form of firearm, explosive device, or other device that is generally considered to be a weapon.


 Theft or pilferage of cash or merchandise by a client, volunteer or paid staff member is a serious offense and should be reported to the supervisor. Losses of this type affect us. Theft negatively affects not only our ability to deliver services, but also the trust upon which our staff structure is based. Theft is cause for immediate dismissal.


 For some volunteer positions, children are welcome to volunteer with you. There are other volunteer positions where children are not allowed for safety reasons. Please check with your supervisor prior to volunteering about bringing children along with you. If you do have children with you, they must remain under your supervision. They must abide by the same standards that we have for volunteers.

Misappropriation of supplies:

 There will be no removal of the organization’s property without the approval of the manager.

Workplace safety:

 Safety is important to all of us. Volunteers should conduct themselves in a way that promotes safety of themselves, co-workers, and clients. Volunteers should never put themselves or others into a situation that makes them fearful or uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, please notify a staff member immediately.

Volunteer injury:

 Any personal injury that occurs while volunteering for the Armed Forces Veterans should immediately be reported to a staff member.

 Volunteer profile:

 As an Armed Forces Veterans volunteer, we will record the contact information you provide and the hours you volunteer in our volunteer database. Armed Forces Veterans recommends that you keep your contact information up to date in your volunteer profile.

Use of facility:

 Volunteers may have access to the facility and its equipment when staff is available to supervise. Usage of technological equipment, such as computers, Internet, fax machines, copy machines and printers is limited to those who are trained to use the equipment. The equipment should only be used to fulfill your volunteer duties and not for personal use, unless your supervisor gives you permission.


 Volunteers are requested to notify their supervisor two weeks before leaving when at all possible. The staff appreciates your time, talents and interests, and knows that changes will OCCUR.

Dismissal of a volunteer is a serious consideration. A meeting between staff, the volunteer and the Director of Volunteer Services (or a designated representative) will OCCUR before dismissal, to reach a resolution. Dismissal of a volunteer may take place if a volunteer is unreliable, irresponsible, disruptive, demonstrating inappropriate behavior or failing to adhere to the policies and procedures of Armed Forces Veterans and its programs.

Grievance procedure:

 Volunteers dismissed from their volunteer position may appeal the decision. Such appeal must be in writing to the Divisional Director of Volunteer Services and received within 10 working days of receiving notice of their dismissal. The written appeal is to outline why the volunteer feels he/she should not be dismissed and any other pertinent information that may prove helpful in reviewing the dismissal. The Director of Volunteer Services will determine steps necessary to review the decision to dismiss and will determine if the decision to dismiss will stand or be overturned. Such decision will be reported to the volunteer.

Volunteer feedback:

 The Armed Forces Veterans encourages volunteers to make suggestions, voice concerns and give ideas about how the agency fulfills its mission to the community. We are always looking for new ideas so if you have any ideas to share, please speak with the staff.

Additional policies and procedures may be in place for specific programs. Your supervisor will notify you of specific policies you need to be aware of for your volunteer opportunity.